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It’s back to school time again!  If you’re looking for the perfect give for the teacher or even for your student, you have got to check out our back to school collection. 

The Math Teacher

Already know math isn’t your kiddo’s favorite subject and want to start the school year on a good note with their teacher?  We have the perfect gift.  Our “Solve Your Own Problems” collection makes an awesome gift for any math teacher.  These items all say “Dear Math Solve Your Own Problems I am not a Therapist”.  There are everything from women’s shirts to men’s shirts and even mugs!  It’s just the right amount of funny
without being inappropriate and is guaranteed to make any math teacher chuckle.

The Teacher Squad 

Does your child have a group of teachers that will be teaching them different subjects all year?  Then our # Grade collection has just the gift for your teacher squad.  This gift can be customized with whatever grade your child is going into, and includes teacher shirts, kid shirts and even mugs.  These items add a fun hashtag before their grade just to keep it trendy and something teachers and kids will both enjoy.

The Science Teacher 

Okay, if you have a science teacher you want to shop for, we have the BEST gift for you.  Our “Oxygen & Magnesium” collection is absolutely adorable.  It says “I heard that oxygen & magnesium were going out and I was like O Mg”.  This is definitely one that may be more towards the junior high or high school kids teachers depending on understanding.  This collection includes women, mens, sweatshirts, tanks and mugs.  Nevertheless it is sure to make any science teacher giggle.


The Kindergartener  

We all know how hard it is to send your little one off to Kindergarten on the first day, but what else would make it easier than an adorable shirt that announces to the world that she is ready to conquer the year!  Our “Hello Kindergarten” shirt is trendy, cute and fun and gives your girl the confidence to walk into class and have a great start!




No matter what gift you need we have it all, from specific subjects, to cert
ain grades, and just the all around teacher who gives their heart every day.  Here’s to a great school year!