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Back To School

It’s back to school time again!  If you’re looking for the perfect give for the teacher or even for your student, you have got to check out our back to school collection.  The Math Teacher Already know math isn’t your kiddo’s favorite subject and want to start the...

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Coffee Around The World

Do you want to try the best coffee from different parts of the world? If you’re a coffee lover, there’s this unexplainable feeling of wanting to try every single coffee that you encounter when you travel or buy from international shops and markets. In this article, we...

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Coffee Mugs : Then and Now

Ceramic mugs are one of the most useful and famous collectible items of all time. Why? Because they have multiple purposes and can be used to show logos, quotes, or even photos. At work, at home, as a souvenir, coffee shops, and even museums. Mugs are literally...

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10 Reasons To DIY

DIY or "Do it yourself" is the process of creating something from your own materials instead of buying something at the store. There is always the option of buying a product or getting services from professionals, or you can DIY! Many people immerse themselves in...

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Interior Wall Design Ideas

Wall Design Ideas Whether you’re looking for a fresh wall design idea or a complete interior wall makeover, our interior wall ideas are what you need. We gathered interior wall designs to inspire you and to serve as a guide in your home improvement projects. Walls can...

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Top Three Romantic Getaways in Europe for Valentine’s Day

Discover the top three most romantic getaways in Europe and enjoy Valentine’s Day with your loved one. Check out our article below. Looking at romantic getaways in Europe this Valentine’s Day? Or you just want to relax and explore romantic places with the love of your...

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Best Valentine’s Day Ideas for Him & Her

Are you looking for the best Valentine ideas that you can do for your husband or wife, girlfriend or boyfriend? Then, you have come to the right page! We supply only the best valentine ideas for you. Check them out below. Valentine’s Day is an important event for...

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Pet Lover Products

Many pets are commonly referred to as “children” by their owners and are loved and treated as little humans.  Elk Creek Designs carries so many options for pet lovers to spoil their canine or feline friend from apparel to accessories and beyond.  A few of our...

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Top 3 Grandparent Gifts

All grandparents appreciate being recognized and they especially love their grandchildren. Elk Creek Designs carries the perfect grandparent gifts for every occasion. Whether grandma wants a shirt with all her grandkid’s names on it, or grandpa needs a new...

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas Elk Creek Designs offers several personalized and non-personalized Valentine gift ideas for all of your loved ones.  We have apparel, accessories, mugs, bags and more!  Find the perfect gift for your grandparent, spouse, boyfriend,...

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Top Viral Videos of 2017

As we ring in the new year, it’s important to take a look back at what we loved about 2017.  The past year brought us plenty of viral videos full of inspiring moments, good laughs and amazing talent.  According to TIME magazine, these are some of the top viral videos...

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