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Do you want to try the best coffee from different parts of the world? If you’re a coffee lover, there’s this unexplainable feeling of wanting to try every single coffee that you encounter when you travel or buy from international shops and markets. In this article, we list the best coffee from all over the world and what to buy based on where you are.
Coffee is one of the most well-known and most loved drinks on the planet. Wherever you are or whatever country you live in, coffee is a staple drink that is available anywhere. This amazing drink comes from dried seeds of the cherry-like fruit of the coffee tree, which originated in Ethiopia in the 9th century. Since then, this fruit has evolved to an aromatic drink that people adore from the past and is still loved today.

Unique Turkish Kahvesi

Turk Kahvesi is a unique and delicious coffee from Turkey. From the preparation to the servings, this coffee is remarkable in its own way. It is simmered in a brass or copper pot to make sure the taste will be of high quality. It is served black and unfiltered, so you’ll always see the grounds at the bottom of your cup.
Usually, Turkish coffee comes with water, but you can also add milk to it. The coffee consistency is very thick and lathered to make it more appetizing. So, when you visit Turkey, make sure you try their best coffee, and you’ll surely love its delicious taste.

Australian Flat White Coffee

One of the best coffees in the world is in Australia. The Flat white coffee is a favorite of the Aussies and is simple yet delicious. It’s almost like a latte but has lighter volume. This coffee is a type of espresso topped with foamy, steamed milk. No added sweet syrups, just milk is enough to make this coffee a tasty treat.
When you go to Australia, head to Melbourne and they have the best cup of coffee in the country. They also have a rich history of coffee brewing methods, which can make your travel worthwhile.

Ethiopian Remarkable Kaffa

The birthplace of Coffee is Ethiopia. According to coffee history, a goat herder discovered a plant called Kaffa (coffee), which was eaten by his goat. The herder saw that after eating the plant, his goat became lively and more energized, and with this came the remarkable coffee beginnings.
Nowadays, coffee in Ethiopia remains natural and bold with flavor. Locals typically have a traditional ceremony before they can drink coffee. The ceremony starts with roasting coffee beans, then grinding and brewing it. Finally, drinking in three cups that are made from mild to intense coffee brew. If you want to try the best coffee from Ethiopia, better try it with the locals, so you can also enjoy their coffee the right way.

Greek Frothy Frappe

If you’re looking for an ice-cold coffee drink, one of the best coffees is the Greek Frappe. This coffee was invented during the annual Thessaloniki International Fair in September 1957. A sales representative named Dimitrios Vakondios, working for Nestle distributor’s exhibit, accidentally made an ice-cold coffee in a shaker because he couldn’t find hot water. He used the instant coffee brand Nestle in his discovery. What he produced back then was a foamy iced-coffee that everyone loves today.  Try making one at home with this recipe https://leitesculinaria.com/11838/recipes-greek-style-frappe.html

India’s Filter Kaapi (coffee)

Are you traveling to Asia? Make sure to include India in your travel list. The southern part of India has the best and most exceptional coffee made in a very distinct way.
Indians make their coffee in a coffee filter, which resembles a paper filter. The coffee filter uses two cups. One cup is placed on top of the other cup. With this technique, Indians put the ground coffee in the upper cup that has holes, which allows the brew to drip into the bottom cup. The brewed coffee is then mixed with milk and sugar.

No Matter Where, Coffee Is Always A Good Idea

Coffee has indeed made a big impact in the world. Every country has their unique, delicious type of coffee to boast. People from different places use their own methods in producing high-quality coffee drinks.

If you love coffee and you’re planning to travel anytime soon, then look at our list above, and be sure to enjoy your trip to the fullest with a quality cup of coffee. You can bring your own mugs in your travel and add a personal touch to your coffee. If you don’t have any, try our customized mugs. We allow you to request the designs or phrases you want on your mugs. You can try tag-lines like “Coffee before travel” or Travel is better with a cup of Coffee.” Happy travels!