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Ceramic mugs are one of the most useful and famous collectible items of all time. Why? Because they have multiple purposes and can be used to show logos, quotes, or even photos. At work, at home, as a souvenir, coffee shops, and even museums. Mugs are literally everywhere! They come in different shapes and designs. You can even have personalized mugs if you want, we have something for each family member or loved one.  Did you ever wonder how these useful inventions came about?

Where Did Mugs Start?

Back in the Stone Age, thousands of years ago, the first mug was carved out of bones. Archeologists found these bone mugs that dated to about 10000 BCE. However, we can’t prove whether cavemen were drinking the latest Starbucks drink or not.

In later years, the first pottery mugs were made in China. At first, Chinese used their hands in making pottery mugs, but later on, invented a device called the potter wheel. With a pottery wheel, people in China were able to add handles to the mugs.

In 2005, a team of archaeologists discovered evidence that preceded most Middle Eastern ceramics by 1,000 years, and this means West Africans originally created the pottery mug.

In the western part of the world, Greeks made an advanced version of mugs made from decorated clay. They added carvings and decorations to the mugs.  Nevertheless, as the world kept on evolving, the mug industry started to grow.

Mugs were made from silver, gold, lead, and bronze. The thick walls of clay mugs evolved into thinner walls made from metals. However, another disadvantage emerged. The metal mugs were harder to use for hot drinks compared to clay mugs because the metal made the mugs too hot to hold.

As years passed by, mugs continuously progressed and around 600 AD, porcelain mugs made their way in China. Porcelain mugs became one of the preferred mugs at that time because they were perfect for both cold and hot drinks. Today, the porcelain mugs are still in use not just in China but also in different parts of the world.

In 1748 coffee mugs were banned, along with coffee, and this caused the price of mugs to skyrocket. Only in the black market, were people allowed to trade coffee and coffee mugs. Later, coffee mugs and coffee were made legal again and more people embraced coffee along with coffee mugs.

The mugs we now know today are credited by the Victor Insulator Company.  In 1945, they were invented during WWII to suit military specifications and survive falls off ships. Victor, the owner of the Insulator Company, pioneered the non-slip bottom surface of the military mugs, which prevented the mugs from slipping off different surfaces. This discovery was later on used as an essential feature in beverage containers.

Mugs Today

Coffee mugs today have come a long way.  Today, mugs are made of earthenware, metal, plastic, bamboo, glass, porcelain and other materials. They also come in different decorations, colors, designs, and carvings. Consumers have the option to design their own mugs to their specifications.  Coffee mugs have come to be an age old gift that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

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